Black Sponge EPDM Rubber Cord

Black Sponge EPDM Rubber Cord


The sponge rubber cords are very flexible and are suitable for sealing doors, hatches and many other differing applications. They can be used on an almost endless list of products with a range of sizes and profiles to fit panels from 0.80mm up to 8.00mm. Rubber door seals can be glued to make frames or rings.

With good performance of resistant to high low Temperature,O-zone,Oil,Water-proof,Durable AND good Physical&Chemical property,Environmental to health.

Technical Data :

No. Test Item Standard
1 Tensile Strength(Mpa) >=2.5
2 Elongation at Break(%) 100-300
3 Density(g/cm3) 0.65+/-0.05
4 Hardness (shoreA) 20+/-5
5 Ozone-resisting(50pphm%,40℃/72h) No visible cracking
6 Brittleness temperature℃ <=-40℃
7 Air Aging Tensile strength(%) ≥-15
Elongation at Break(%) ≥-25
8 Compression Set (23+/-2)℃ 70H(%)
(70+/-2)℃ 24H(%)