What is Rubber Co-extrusion Used For?

A lot of industries have been using rubber industries since long and since then a lot of methods have been evolved in rubber industry. However a choice that remains a favorite amongst most manufacturers is rubber extrusion.

What Does the Process of Rubber Extrusion Entail?What is Rubber Co-extrusion Used For

The process of China rubber extrusion can be defined as changing rubber materials specifically into products of different shapes that are ideal for a number of applications. Rubber co-extrusion profiles typically vary through a number of applications. The process is mostly usable in different industrial applications that make of sealing process. Although a lot of other profiles are made for the same, you can also get different profiles that one can easily find in the market.

Door Sealing Profiles

This is also known by extruded side and op seal, and all these profiles are specifically designed for ideally filling in gaps seen in door frames and doors for prevention of water and wind from entering any building or vehicle. Typically door seals are of rectangular shapes and their application can be seen in trucks, cars and many other industrial and commercial facilities.

PVC Edge Trim Profiles

These are meant for covering steel and plastic rough edges. Different types of rubber extruded profiles can be made with flexible PVC and are available with different gripping tongues providing them with a strong hold.

Boot Seal Profiles

These are ideal for coating sharp edges of car/vehicle boot. This prevents water and dust from getting inside the vehicle.

How Does the Process of Rubber Extrusion Work?

China rubber extrusion is done through a rubber extruder. This machine works with two parts: A heated shearing screw conveyor and a die in which the pressurized rubber can get squeezed which contributes to its overall shape.

At the time of this process, the stock rubber (raw) can be processed with the help of a screw. While it takes a turn, the screw would push stock while it becomes heated up in conveyor channel.

Through the hopper (the container placed above conveyor), the stock is shifted to conveyor where later it undergoes a softening process of shearing and heating and is pressurized by the rotation process of screw. The pressurized stock can be pushed in die (located at the extruder’s end) and it can also emerge while it finally takes its shape.

General Applications of Rubber Co-Extrusion

There are a lot of applications meant for Rubber Extrusion process and it is commonly used for the following purposes:

  • These are usable for creating trimming for interiors of trains of mass transit.
  • Custom extrusions can be created for sealing purposes in Aerospace industry.
  • These are also used for noise-reducing sealants and a number of decorative purposes in most modern architectural structures.
  • Extrusions are usable for creating tubing and a lot of other specialized equipment in pharmaceutical and medical industries.
  • Lots of dairy and food industries require custom designed tubing in the overall production process, and rubber extrusion also helps in this regard.
  • There are fair chances that you’ve already come across a number of rubbers around you but you never noticed these.

The overall applications of china rubber extrusions are impossible to mention, because of the wide range of industries that have used them. Products formed through rubber extrusion can be anything like exhaust collars, rubber gaskets, cabinet seals, pump discharge hoses, connectors and bumpers, tubing with pressure switch, etc. Rubber extrusion manufacturers generally provide customized variants of all products according to the requirements of their clients.

Which Rubber Co-Extrusion Service to Look for?

While signing up for rubber co-extrusion works you must make sure that all tasks are left to professional hands and Seashore rubber ensures that all rubber co-extrusion is client specific with availability of a lot of products. Seashore rubber offers co-extrusion products for automobiles, window and doors, railways, tunnels, marine and other huge industrial and commercial applications. The leading provider of rubber solutions also offer valuable after sales and OEM services. You receive samples even before the production.

While looking for co-rubber extrusion many people are concerned about the approximate price as well as the order’s total volume. In such instances, the higher your order is the more discounts you’ll get on rubber co-extrusion products.

The rubber and plastic materials that are used for co-extruded components can greatly vary. Additionally to determining the right choice between plastic and rubber, you also need to select between the ideal plastic and rubber for your requirements. The requirements for all pieces are mostly customer and application specific.

So in this case, there isn’t any single material that can ideally work well for all solutions. Instead the best thing to do would be to look on various important aspects that are suitable according to your requirements.

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