EPDM rubber is a very versatile material that can be utilized in many applications. Unlike silicone, it is less costly and can last for long especially when used properly. In fact, it can save you lots of money and time regarding the replacement.

Benefits of EPDM rubber

• It is resistant to aging, UV exposure, chemicals, ozone, and weathering. This makes it an excellent material to use for outdoor applications.
•It has the lowest electric conductivity.
•EPDM is moldable and can be used in the manufacture of extruded rubber products.
•The material is stable in both low and high temperatures. It is ideal for use in applications where temperature varies from -29 degrees to 177 degrees Celsius.
•It is quite durable and cannot break quickly when used in the right conditions. It also doesn’t get brittle with time.

At Seashore Rubber, we offer a broad range of EPDM rubber extrusions. Our rubber extrusion products are designed from EPDM CR, NBR, and NR. The common usage for our black EPDM rubber extrusion includes applications such as noise control, sealing windows and doors, decorative trimming, and vibration and more. We manufacture a wide range of product for various types of applications using different materials. Our customers can choose from several products for use in military, aerospace, automotive, computers, electronics and plumbing and many more.

We make custom productsBest-China-EPDM-Rubber-Extrusion-Manufacturers-For-Your-Business-Seashore-Rubber

We can custom design extruded rubber profiles to different lengths, shapes, and sizes to suit various types of unique applications. There are both simple rubber tubing and complex extrusions. We can also supply them in continuous reels or customize them based on customer’s specifications. To design the best product, we first analyze your needs before recommending the right material to use even if it requires custom formation for complicated application.

Durable products for extreme use

The elastomers that we use in our rubber extrusions are weather and chemical resistant. They are also resistant to compression set, ozone, and temperature. Our manufacturing process is detailed and involves perfect trimming and finishing. Our trained inspectors oversee the process to ensure every finished rubber extrusion product is designed to perfection based on customer needs. This is what has made us the best manufacturers of rubber extrusion in China.

Why Seashore Rubber?

•We work based on customer needs. Before offering any service, we take time to understand customer needs to ensure we deliver custom-oriented products.
•Our extruded rubber is fully tested using advanced testing equipment to ensure that they conform to the industry standards. This has enabled us to deliver high-quality products that stand out from the rest.
•We’re a fully certified company and we are dedicated to providing the best quality products and services. You can count on us for reliable extruded rubber supply in China.
•Our company is equipped with skilled and highly trained staff who are capable of designing products that match various specific needs of our clients.
•Apart from rubber extrusion, we have a comprehensive range of products such as adhesive rubber strips, sponge rubber extrusions, rubber extrusion, rubber cords, and rubber tubing and many more.

Feel free to contact us today for custom EPDM rubber extrusion design, supplies, and other related products.