rubber sealing profiles

EPDM rubber seal profiles for car /trucks/cabins


We supply a wide range of Rubber seal profiles used for many different applications, mainly for protection against sharp edges on doors, glass panels, metal etc.

Technical Data:

Main Technical Datas
Item Standard Standard
1 Tensile Strength (Mpa) >=7 >=2.5
2 Elongation At Break (%) >=300%
3 Density (g/cm3) 1.35 0.6
4 Hardness (Shore A) 65 25
5 Ozone Resistance 

(50 pphm% 40°Cx72hours)

No visible cracking No visible cracking
6 Brittle Temperature °C <=-40°C <=-40°C
7 Air Aging Tensile Strength (%) >=-15% >=-15%
Elongation At Break (%) >=-25% >=-25%
8 Compression Set (23+/-2)°C 70H (%) <=35
(70+/-2)°C 24H (%) <=50

Items: side bulb rubber seal profiles; top bulb rubber seal profiles, rubber edge profiles, flap rubber seal profiles .

We stock many tools for  standard rubber seal profiles , contact with us for a quote now.