EPDM rubber coextrusion seal strip for cars

EPDM rubber coextrusion seal strip for cars


We supply a wide range of Rubber Co-extrusion used for many different applications, mainly for protection against sharp edges on doors, glass panels, metal etc.Glass run channel have smooth surface and elastic performance,flock coating is available upon request. And they are easy to be assembled. 

Technical Data:

Main Technical Datas
Item Standard Standard
1 Tensile Strength (Mpa) >=7 >=2.5
2 Elongation At Break (%)
3 Density (g/cm3)
4 Hardness (Shore A)
5 Ozone Resistance 

(50 pphm% 40°Cx72hours)

No visible cracking No visible cracking
6 Brittle Temperature °C <=-40°C <=-40°C
7 Air Aging Tensile Strength (%) >=-15% >=-15%
Elongation At Break (%) >=-25% >=-25%
8 Compression Set (23+/-2)°C 70H (%) <=35
(70+/-2)°C 24H (%) <=50