Neoprene solid bulbe rubber extrusion profile

Neoprene solid bulbe rubber extrusion profile


Neoprene rubber extrusion insulation foam can be used in several applications to the overall durable nature and impressive performance features.

It is highly resistant to many hazards, including ozone, sunlight, and oxidation, as well as many chemicals and water. This product is also resistant to water breakdown or air effects because of the unique molecular structure which helps protect it. All of these qualities make it quite common in a variety of practical applications, such as padding for athletic gear, insulation, support, and soundproofing. Regardless of which application you need these products for, they are a reliable solution for a range of purposes.


Can handle outdoor weather conditions

60 durometer neoprene with smooth finish

Great as industrial seals, gaskets, and bumpers

Can operate in temperatures between -20℃ F and 212℃ F