Nitrile rubber extrusion for automotive and marine

Nitrile rubber extrusion for automotive and marine


Nitrile rubber extrusions well in carburetor and fuel pump diaphragms, aircraft hoses,seals and gaskets as well as oil-lined tubing. Due to its versatility and strong resistances, nitrile rubber extrusions are used in applications involving not only oil and fuel resistance, but those applications requiring resistance to heat, abrasion, water, and gas permeability. From oil rigs to bowling alleys, nitrile rubber extrusions can be the right material for your application.


1.Excellent resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons,mineral oils,greases,vegetable and animal oils,heating oil and diesel fuel.

2.Good abrasive resistance , heat resistance ,and as well as good adhesion and gas tightness

3.Can be mixed with PVC to meet fire resistance