Where to find quality EPDM Rubber Cord Companies in China

At Seashore Rubber, finding practical and affordable solutions for their customers is at the top of their list. Qingdao Seashore Company has been providing their customers with high quality rubber ring products for all their needs. Located in Qingdao, China, they employ a highly knowledgeable team of workers who manufacture proper products and cater to the customer service side of the business as well.

EPDM Rubber Cord O RingsWhere to find quality EPDM Rubber Cord Companies in China

One of the many products that Seashore Rubber offers is the EPDM Rubber Cord.

What is an EPDM Rubber Cord O Rings?

Well, simply put, it is a product traditionally used in windows, automotive design, and doors. Some of the key features of Seashore Rubber’s EPDM Rubber Cords O Rings are as follows:

Various Sizing available ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm. This specifies the width and the length of their products are practically endless.

Firmness rate can range from 40 to 75 shore. This gives customers the choice of a product with a little more flexibility or limited flexibility, depending on their needs.

Color choice can be any color a customer needs. This really sets the Seashore company a part from traditional EPDM Rubber Cord O Rings manufacturers, as it makes their products more custom tailored to the customer’s needs. Temperature resistant material with a temperature range of -40 up to 120 degrees. Three Specified Grade Types: industrial use, food grade use, and medical use. This reaches out a broader customer base and provides a high quality product no matter the need. For food grade for instance, this could be used for the rubber on a refrigerator door.

Seashore Rubber Customer’s Sastification

At Seashore, the customer is the most important aspect to any transaction. The company strives to provide custom tailored manufacturing for all its customers. This means they will make any product to a customer’s specs. This feature sets Seashore apart from other rubber companies as it is giving its customer base a truly unique design process. Customers can be rest assured that the product they are requesting was made with high attention to detail. They can also be rest assured that their order is being made with their specs directly in mind. This type of customer service truly puts Seashore Rubber at the top of the EPDM rubber industry’s list!

Other Products by Seashore Rubber

While the EPDM Rubber Cord O Rings are one of their most popular items, Seashore Rubber does offer a variety of other products for their customers to consider. They are as follows:

Colorful EPDM Sponge Rubber CordClosed Cell Extruded Sponge Rubber Cord Rubber TubingRubber ExtrusionsSponge Rubber ExtrusionsAdhesive Rubber StripsRubber and PVC Waterstops

Finding the Rubber Cord Product for You

Seashore Rubber will provide any spec of rubber cording needs as needed by the customer. Pricing is affordable and to get more information, prospective customers can visit their website and contact them directly via email.

Their response time is lightening quick as they want to ensure customers get the faster possible service. Customers can simply tell them the specs and material needed and they can provide a fair quoted price.

After that, they can get right to work at providing their above all customer experience!