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Rubber extrusion is a part-forming process that involves turning rubber into precise materials that can be used for various applications. During the extrusion process, rubber is fed into an extrusion machine via a shaped die which gives it the desired shape, profile or cut. High pressure is used in the process and the results can be customized to suit different sealing applications in aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, sport and recreation, cleaning, flooring and industrial appliance and many more.

Types of finished products

Rubber extrusion produces materials such as rubber trims, rubber seals for containers, car bus truck tanks, window glass seals, and doors and many more. These materials are considered great sealers because they provide great impenetrability, resilience, and flexibility. They can also be applied in many manufacturing facilities, sheets, rubber rollers and rods to help absorb noise from moving parts.

Quality of the products produced

The quality of each finished product depends on the type of material used and the extrusion process used. Rubber comes in different forms and each can undergo a unique extrusion process.

Different forms of rubber

• Natural rubber or gum rubber is the most preferred because of the qualities it possesses. It has great resistance to acids and abrasion.
• Silicon rubber may also be used as it is FDA-certified. It also doesn’t react with fluids and is not affected by temperature fluctuations. Best-Rubber-Extrusions-China-Company-for-Rubber-Seals-Application-SEASHORE-SEAL
• Viton rubber is another form which is resistant to weathering, heat, and chemicals. It is great for use in healthcare and food industry.
• EPDM or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is heat, ozone, aging and UV retardant. This form of rubber can be utilized in different applications like door seals, gaskets, roofing and weatherproofing and many more.

The Manufacturing Process

Standard rubber extrusion is done using an extrusion machine. The extruded rubber is then passed a thorough design stage where a die is created and proper rubber material selected. Rubber can either be heated or cold fed depending on the type of application the rubber is intended to be used in. It is then fed into a hopper and with the aid of gravity, the rubber is forced to sink to the bottom of the hopper. The conveyor with the aid of pressure and temperature from the screw moves the rubber to the die. Rubber is then softened then passed through the die to give it the desired shape. Other post-processing tasks that can be done include vulcanization, cutting, drilling and dusting and more.

Why Rubber Extrusion?

Rubber extrusion is beneficial in several ways. First, there are no restrictions involved in the design process and different types, shapes and sizes of materials can be produced. This means there are multiple options to choose from for the extruded materials. Additionally, rubber extrusion results in strong, soft and flexible materials.

Selecting your Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

For high-quality rubber extrusions, it is vital to find a reputable rubber extrusions supplier. Seashore Rubber is a renowned rubber extrusions manufacturer in China. With the use of high-quality materials, custom design and manufacturing process, Seashore delivers industry-leading rubber extrusions to clients from various parts of the world. Visit their rubber seals China Factory to view a comprehensive range of rubber extrusions they make.