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Rubber Extrusion is a process, a part of a larger process. During rubber extrusion, a high-pressure machine forces natural or synthetic rubber through a given shaped die to bring out the desired shape, profile or cut.

Applications of rubber extrusion2019 Best Custom Rubber Extrusion China Manufacturer

Rubber extrusions can be wound or and vulcanized to make a myriad verity of shapes. Such ease to make splicing (wounding) enables to make seals, and gaskets for various applications in automotive, aerospace, construction, chemical procession, industrial oil and gas extraction, food procession and wire and cable manufacturing and a quite a few other industrial applications.

Benefits of rubber extrusion

Rubber extrusion is advantageous for many regions. It can bring out uniform cross-sectional objects when manufacturing complex shapes. The continuous process can create large length as much as 60 feet. Rubber extrusion is ideal for manufacturing products in tube shapes like hoses and pipes. Extrusion rubber can enable to make highly complex equipment, oil and gas applications accessories easy. heavy truck, valves, and electrical distribution.

EPDM rubber extrusion

EPDM is a high-density synthetic rubber and EPDM Rubber Extrusion is mainly used in mainly outdoor applications such as roofing. EPDM rubber extrusion has properties that range between those of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

A few examples are EPDM rubber extrusion for Containers Sealing, EPDM rubber extrusion profile for Glass windows, Black EPDM Rubber Profiles for Windows and Doors, D-shape Bubble EPDM Rubber Seal Strip and many more.

Thanks to the high water resistance, temperature and weather tolerance properties of EPDM rubber, EPDM extrusion finds a great number of applications in jobs where water – fresh as well as salt is involved.

Look for reputed manufacturers

While rubber extrusions and EPDM Rubber Extrusions play a significant role in diverse industries, Industries need to choose good quality rubber extrusions. For this, you need to look for reputed rubber extrusion manufacturers and wholesalers. This is because such entities can help industries get rubber extrusions on time consistently without inflating the budget. Also, such manufacturers and wholesalers will have adequate expertise in the market and can help customers out in a time of need.

Look for manufactures in China. There are many rubber extrusion manufacturers in China. Yet remember to choose a reputed one like Seashore Seals. Seashore Seals top the rubber extrusion manufacturers in China. The company makes a variety of industrial products.

About Seashore Industrial

Situated in Qingdao, China, Qingdao Seashore Industrial Co. Ltd is a lead professional company engaged in manufacturing premium quality rubber extruded profiles, rubber profiles, sponge rubber, silicone rubber products, co-extrusion sealing strip, plastic profiles, rubber tubing & hose, and the like.

The company makes use of plastic extrusion lines and rubber injection machines, rubber extrusion lines, CAD/CAM mold development, and advanced detection equipment.

The company is of great capacity to manufacture single co-extrusion, corner welding, flocking, air hose punching, cold gluing, boding, and 3m taping, cutting & splicing.


Seashore Industrial specializes in preparing custom solutions capable of reverse engineering drawing and samples or bring out a completely new product without any shape size or material.

Products and services

The products and services include rubber extrusion, sponge rubber extrusion, adhesive rubber strip, NBR & Neoprene rubber extrusion, rubber &PVC water stop, rubber cord, rubber tubing,

Commitment to valuesSEASHORE Rubber Logo

The company values the customer high. The priority is to bring out the best product as desired by the customer for their target job. Doing valuable service to the customer, the company has earned a great reputation in the market over the years.

The company is ready to offer any technical aid if the customer so desires. In such a case, the professional team will look into the project and would make necessary and valuable corrections to improve the performance of the product that is being designed and developed.

If you’re planning to start a business in rubber extruded profiles, and are looking for a reliable, experienced and reputed manufacture, remember to choose Seashore Industrial Co. Ltd. Doing so is beneficial. They can impart you the necessary technical, assistance and may help you out in case you have doubts, apprehensions concerning your business. The customer care service is open round the clock and you will get the right attention at the right time. To contact the company, just send them an email. You can also contact them by visiting the official website and filling in the Contact Us form and submit. The company will soon get back to you.

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