Glass Channel Rubber Extrusions is widely used in automatic, refrigeration and other industrial applications. In automotive, for example, it is used between the windows and the main body. It has good mechanical properties.

How are custom EPDM extruded window seals used?

EPDM rubber extrusion applications find wide applications in diverse industries including a tomato be and allied industries. The material is known best for its resistance to cold and heat, hydraulic fluids, abrasion, wear and tear, aging and extreme weather conditions.

Custom EPDM Extruded Window Seals are widely used in air conditioning ducting, aluminum window rubber profile, bus body rubber profile, bonnet seal, architectural rubber profile.

Today, there are multiple companies that make EPDM extruded windows seals in the world. However, the China-based ones excel others. If you’re looking for the best of quality rubber extrusion suppliers, remember to choose China-based Qingdao Seashore Industries Ltd.

Seashore industries Ltd

Situated in Qingdao, China, Seashore Industries Ltd is a professional company that is in business in dealing EPDM extruded windows seals, and related industrial products. Seashore industries Ltd leads the rubber extrusions suppliers globally.


The company has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality rubber extrusion profile, sponge rubber profile, silicone rubber products, plastic profiles, and rubber tubing & hose.

Seashore industries Ltd makes advanced rubber extrusion lines, skilled CAD/CAM mold development and advanced detection equipment, plastic extrusion lines and rubber injection machines,

The company is endowed with super advanced detection equipment. The company has proven excellence in single, co-extrusion, flocking, air hose punching, corner welding, boding, cold gluing, boding, 3m taping, cutting & splicing.

The company carries on their clients’ projects at their China rubber seals factory. The factory is equipped with ultra modern machinery and is manned by the best workforce in the industry.

Custom solutions

The company is highly specialized in developing custom solutions. The company has been pioneer in offering solutions with reverse engineering based on the plan, sample, drawing, etc. tendered by the customer. It will help develop a completely new product with no limitations on size, shape or material. Thus, the company can offer a solution that can far surpass your imagination.

Quality control

The company has a set of stringent quality control norms as per the standards of numerous global organizations that govern them. This is to ensure to follow the best practices and bring out the best output for the customer. The company is committed to offering the best services to the customer. The company has been certified by ROHS, SGS, TS 16949.

The company works in cohesion

The company is committed to brining the best to the customer. Whether it is the designing of the product, developing or shipping, the company will is committed to making the customer a happy and returning one. The teams of in designing, quality control and product development work in a cohesive manner so as to bring the best for the customer.

Contact the company today

If you have plans to start business in Custom EPDM Extruded Window Seals, contact the company today. You can contact the company via email. Or, you can fill out the form available on the official website. The company gets in touch with you soon.