D Type EPDM Sponge Strip Seal are used for windshield seals, automotive shields that provide both moisture barrier properties and acoustic benefits, NVH functions, seals, gaskets, and a wide range of other unique applications. Certain EPDM foam products are being utilized in the appliance, HVAC, electrical and building industries.


  1. Material: EPDM
  2. Color: Black, any other colour is available
  3. Hardness (Shore A): 25 ±5 as standard or per request
  4. Specific gravity:0.5 to 0.7 g/cm3
  5. Tensile strength: 10MPA
  6. Temperature Range: -40 °F – 248 °F (-40°C – 120°C)
  7. Tolerance:RMA Standard Cross-sectional Tolerance E2,or per request