rubber gate seal

Solid EPDM rubber gate seals

Rubber gate seals are widely used in the various waterworks, hydro and power generation industries , projects included locks, dams and canal gates , stop log,sluice,penstock ,flood protection and vertical gate applications.


Material: High quality EPDM rubber 65-80SHA with a high tensile strength
Hardness Range: 60-80 Shore A
Color: Black
Shape:P type, double P type, J type, L type Hump type, double Hump type and custom design
Size As per drawing dimensions
Tolerance Standard :ISO2768-M or ISO3302-1:2014 CLASS M2
Features: extrem weathering and water resistance properties,abrason and tear resistance properties.
Added-value service:PTFE coating ;PU coating;
Cutom length and frames available